3D Carved Guam Seal

3D Carved Guam Seal

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This Guam seal measures 18” tall and about 11” wide. It can be made larger upon request. They can be made of with walnut or beech. The walnut is the darker wood.

We source the best of the best to ensure your plaque will look good for years to come and will be free of imperfections or defects in the wood grain. It can be ordered in several sizes, but all are approximately 1.5" Thick. They take about 2-3 weeks to make and ship, so plan accordingly for gifts. We can make other sizes upon request, up to approximately 30”.

These signs will be stained, not painted, unless asked for in advance and extra charges apply  



Please note that due to inconsistency in the grain of the woods we use, your product may contain some lighter or darker patches. Most customers appreciate this added “character” but if you’d like us to source premium wood that has absolutely no imperfections, we will do so for an additional fee. Please contact us with any questions regarding this policy.

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